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  Hanging Rails
Nominal 3/4" thick x 3" tall multi-ply hardwood plywood hanging rails, running the full length of the cabinets.

Back Panels
Nominal 1/8" thick, hardwood ply- wood. Glued and stapled to ends and hang rails.

Top & Bottom Panels
1/2" thick hardwood ply- wood dadoed into the end panels, front rails and hanging rails. Glued and stapled.

Nominal 3/4" thick multi-ply hardwood plywood, 10 7/8" deep with hardwood veneer edge banded front matching finish with doors; some selections have sealed clear coating over plywood. Shelves are adjustable in all standard wall and base cabinets.

Side Panels
Nominal 1/2" thick multi-ply hardwood plywood, dadoed to receive tops and bottoms.

Finished End Option
All cabinets may be ordered with an applied veneer finished end to match the wood specie & stain color of the cabinet.

Face Frames
3/4" Thick solid hardwood. Mortise and tenon or bore and dowel construction frame joinery reinforced with glue and nails.

Base Corner Braces
High impact injection molded or solid wood corner braces add stability to cabinet and are also handy for securing countertops.

Toe Kick
Nominal 1/2" thick hardwood plywood.

Standard Drawers
Front, back and sides are nominal 1/2" thick solid wood. Drawer bottoms are nominal 3/16" hardwood plywood inserted into dado in front, back and sides. All drawer parts glued and stapled together.

Dovetail Drawer
Front, back and sides are nominal 5/8" thick solid hardwood with dovetail construction. Drawer bottoms are nominal 1/4" hardwood plywood.

Standard Drawer Guides
High quality epoxy coated steel, Cushion-Tec, side mounted guides, self adjusting in mounting brackets. Built-in stop, self-closing and stay-closed features with a 75 lb. rated load capacity.

Undermount Drawer Guide
(Available with dovetail drawer) High quality steel, under mount construction provides full extension drawer access. Self adjusting in mounting brackets. Built-in stop, self-closing and stay closed features with a 100lb. rated load capacity.

Heavy duty, high quality European style steel, fully concealed and 6-way adjustable.

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